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Let's start building something awesome together complete ticketing system is bringing ticket selling to the way it should be. The web based software delivers an easy, reliable ticket purchase experience for all types of events. provides everything you need to manage ticket sales from start to finish. See your ticket sales data and check-in information anytime you want as we turn your Android smartphone or tablet into fully functional ticket scanners,
Our event pages’ responsive design delivers the same experience to your guests on any device. Page elements will dynamically adjust to your customers’ screens to provide an easy, fast checkout on any computer, smartphone or tablet.
Your guests can print or present their tickets on their mobile device for you to scan at the gate for a speedy admission and avoiding crowded line-ups.
Your website adress will be Your microsite will be easily accessible and remain active as long as there was an event within the last 365 days. Your free microsite will be your main point of contact to with all your guests  as they will be able to learn about all your upcoming events.
Upon purchase, your guest can print or keep their e-ticket on their smartphone so you can scan it at the door with our free Android app.
Along with this, Ennery also offers physical tickets that are equally manageable by our free app.
Partnering with assures you peace of mind for your ticketing solution!

The App

Available for free, the app scans barcodes using the device’s camera, avoids double check-ins by managing guests’ lists in real time and provides scanning logs. It is also possible to manually check-in guests and confirm the presence of a ticket.

Account setup

When you get started, your Client Service representative will work with you to build your account and set up your first event. Your Client Service representative will walk you through the process from your guests purchasing their tickets to you greeting them at your venue.


  1. Account setup and ennery app: Free
  2. Event setup: FREE
    (If event is free – no charge)
  3. Service fee: 5% per ticket sold ($ 0.50 per $ 10) You receive your money in real time after each sale! If your event is free, there is no charge.
  4. Printed tickets: 5% of ticket price. Minimum order: 100$.

Additional services

  • Customizable solution: Add your branded look to the system, event pages, tickets and more.
  • Stay connected with your guests: Create and send newsletters to your customer database completely within the system. Provide important updates or promote future events to past guests.
  • Online marketing and promotion: Increase the popularity of your event through internet, mobile and social media advertising.

Setting up your event is FREE!

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